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Safer Internet Day 2018 - Campagnes des 3°2 et 3°4

Par LUCIE BOURRIAUD, publié le jeudi 15 février 2018 21:46 - Mis à jour le mercredi 7 mars 2018 18:55
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Maëna, Inès, Clémence et Ysé vous présentent le travail des 3°2 et 3°4 sur l'usage du numérique chez les adolescents:

"We worked on this chapter to study the pros and cons of using the Internet and social networks. We saw the dangers that you can have to face if you use the Internet, of some specific websites and social networks.

We wanted to raise awareness on cyberbullying and give advice to avoid these problems.

Here are our posters!" 

(Autres affiches à venir)

Now, read Eloïse Bertho's paragraph on the subject!

"For the Safer Internet Day, I'll tell you about the prevention of social networks. 

Internet is good to communicate, chat and discuss with your real friends or your online friends. However, it's dangerous because strangers can be mean or nasty and you can be harrassed. On social networks, teens are irresponsible and they do not always control their life. They post many pictures and videos or texts and chat with their friends and it's not good because everyone can see this and chat with them.

So, to struggle against cyberbullying, you can put your account in privacy. You shuld choose who you chat with  and you shouldn't accept strangers. Block the harassers on social networks and signal them to your relatives to protect yourself. You can disable the comments too. You shouldn't put your phone number, your address and email address and your school. It's privacy!

So, with this, you are protected and safe on social networks and you can live your life. 

You are harassed? No problem! Ignore the insults and the harassers will stop because  you don't respond. And they will stop harass you! It's as simple as that!"

And Lena Hervy's paragraph to follow:

"Social networks... It can be really fun or sometimes a nightmare. I'll tell you why.

It's fun because you can share pictures and funny videos with your friends or your followers... You can talk about your actual mood or what you are planning for next week! There is a lot of possibilities.

On the other hand, you have to be careful: not everyone is kind and respectful. Don't share private information with people you don't know. People can be rude and nasty against you and it becomes CYBERBULLYING. You should change your privacy settings and put your account private. Thus, it is more secure and like that, only people that you know can see what you are posting and talking about.

If you are bullied right now, you should talk to someone about your problem, report bullies. However, sometimes it doesn't work. So, if I were you, I'd just shut down my account.

Don't let strangers bring you down! Stay strong!"



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